About Daniel Meades

Professional Opera Singer and Teacher

Professional Opera Singer and Teacher

From as early as I can remember, I used to wake up first thing in the morning at my parents house and make up songs whilst accompanying myself on the piano. My parents recognised that I had some musical ability and sent me for piano lessons and soon after I was auditioning for the local church choir. I remember loving singing all the beautiful English choral music which had a very big impact on my life not only for the musicality and sight reading skills it taught me but also for the communicative interpretation that was required.

After studying music for GCSE and A level, I started my professional musical training at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 1990 and studied as a light high baritone with Neilson Taylor. Halfway through my course my voice suddenly shot up to tenor and I never looked back very soon singing operatic repertoire. I studied a further year at the Royal College of Music in London as a post-graduate with the helden tenor Kenneth Woolham who really taught me the intricate techniques of the tenor voice. I loved working with Ken on vocal technique and this began a love for an understanding of the voice and the techniques of teaching. My first opportunity to teach singing was to fill in for a few weeks for a friend of mine at Arts Educational College in Chiswick. I taught many of the young students there and soon realised that teaching was something that I wanted to incorporate and run alongside my professional career as an opera singer. Soon after I was employed as the singing teacher in various secondary schools and here we are 25 years of experience later with a wonderful job at Langley Park School of Boys in Beckenham and a thriving private practice.

My career as a tenor soloist has seen me sing in over 30 countries, 3 ships and even an episode of Made in Chelsea. My repertoire so far totals 44 leading operatic roles, 27 oratorios and over 250 engagements as a singing waiter. During my career as a soloist, I have worked for companies such as Scottish Opera Go Round, English Touring Opera, Pavilion Opera and Opera Brava and I have been a member of the extra chorus at English National Opera since 2016.

Testimonials and Student Successes

“My first singing lesson was with Daniel when I was 16 and he has been an invaluable support for my career ever since. Daniel has an impressive knowledge of the voice and an ability to teach technique in an uncomplicated and exciting way. I was incredibly impatient when I first started singing – I wanted to be able to sing everything that very minute…..

Jonny Muir Sex Education (Netflix), The Mousetrap (West End), The Simon & Garfunkel Story, Romeo and Juliet

“I was very fortunate to have Daniel as my singing teacher throughout secondary school. He was instrumental in giving me the foundations of a strong vocal technique and performance skills whilst making every lesson informative and enjoyable. His broad knowledge of repertoire from classical singing to modern musical theatre fed my passion for performing…..

Oliver Christopher Book of Mormon

I started lessons with Daniel at the age of 17, and he saw potential in me when I did not, guiding me to where I find myself today and still continues to support me. After two years of tuition I auditioned for the leading music colleges in the UK, successfully gaining a place and scholarship at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where I am now entering my third year of study …..

Joseph Hookway Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

It is rare to find a teacher who, not only has an established career in the performing business, but also has an incredible flair for teaching. In Daniel, I found both. His knowledge of both opera and musical theatre provide the perfect match for any student who wants to unlock all facets of their voice. Daniel nurtures each individual talent, enabling them to access their full potential …..

Amy Jackson-Ives First-Class Honours Degree in Actor Musicianship from Guildford School of Acting, Edinburgh Fringe in 2018, Violist for Graffiti Classics